Illustrator David Groff grew up in the heart of the Midwest where his imagination was enhanced with images of Ratfinks, Mad magazines, funny cars and The Andy Griffith show. Eventually he landed at The Columbus College of Art & Design where upon graduation he joined a large commercial art studio. After leaving the studio and also realizing that neither the astronaut or pro surfer thing was likely to pan out, he began his freelance career. Now residing in Ohio with his beautiful wife and 3 perfect children he is currently teaching at his alma mater, working on new paintings and prints and is currently writing a children's book. He continues to produce work for clients in the areas of advertising, TV and publishing. A partial list of clients includes:

Fox Sports
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Eli Lily
Time Life Music
Microsoft Corp
Key Bank
Boy's Life
Business Week
Playboy Jazz festival
Seven Up
Kenner Toys
Ralston Purina
and many others...
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